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Seal Bicolour Traditional


Is our newest addition at RiteMeow Ragdolls he is Imported from Poland and has beautiful top quality champion lines, he is a  Seal Lynx Bicolor.  

We have been blessed to have been chosen by an amazing breeder to have him.

He is just the sweetest and most attentive boy,  Remi loves cuddling up with our Dog at night and we all swear they watch T.V.

We are looking forward to seeing his babies soon.

Carrying dilute


Seal Minx Bi colour chocolate and dilute


He is our new amazing boy that will replace Beau and Imbir. He is a beautiful seal bicolour from amazing Champion lines all through out his pedigree. He is a purrrrfect addition to our cattery he has absolutely set us far above others and makes us unique.

Carrying chocolate and dilute

HCM,FIV,PKD,FeLV- Negitive

Cinnamon Mitted


Ryan is our gorgeous Cinnamon traditional boy born here at RiteMeow 

his personality is sooooo sweet and relaxed were looking forward to his babies this year

Cinamon carryig dilute


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