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Our Ragdoll Family

Raven, blue eyed seal sepia ragdoll


Is our gorgeous, TICA registered, Seal mitted Sepia Ragdoll.

Born right here....  Raven is the daughter of Savannah and Beau, the most affectionate kitties ever and the need to be cuddled non stop as well as  always under foot to keep us safe :).

She is a wonderful addition to our cattery and well known for her amazing soft bunny fur!

Carrying cinnamon and dilute





Lilac tortie solid fawn


Born and raised here Lennon is the daughter of  our old strong Ragdoll lines. She has the deepest purr we have ever heard and by far the most affectionate and floppy girl possible. 

She is a Cinnamon mink Mitted girl full of affection!!

Carrying Choc and dilute



Fawn Solid


Our gorgeous Blue lynx mink girl.  She was born here at RiteMeow and is the daughter of our very own lines. Tiffany has the rich personality of a well rounded, classy lady, with the deepest aqua coloured eyes I've ever seen. She is full of affection and cuddles.

Loves to be the first one to greet us at the door when we arrive home.

Carrying chocolate and dilute


Mystique, lilac tortie solid


Our stunning little Lilac Solid Tortie , was born here and is Willow's and Angus's gorgeous daughter she is so loving and affectionate. Her fur has the prettiest pinkish colorings and is so unique, she is a wonderful addition to our family. 

Carrying cinnamon 


Sammy, seal bicolor tradional


Is our beautiful traditional addition from Marlcreek and we couldn't be more thankful to have her here. She is so loving and sweet, were excited to see her babies this year with Imbir. She is a Seal Bicolor with the deepest blue eye yet.

carrying dilute



Blue Bicolor


Is our beautiful traditional addition from Poland, she is from IWC lines and we couldn't be more thankful to have her here. She is so loving and sweet, were excited to see her babies this year. She is a Blue Bicolor with the deepest blue eye yet.



sasha a blue mitted tradional ragdoll

SASHA... is our stunning new addition from Poland. We have waited a very long time for her and are super excited to have her beautiful international, world champion lines  in our cattery. She is a Blue mitted girl and we look forward to watching her grow as well as cuddling her every step of the way.



Blue Eyes


Born right here at RiteMeow is our  gorgeous Blue mitted girl from our IWC stud Dewy and Mystique.

 She is so easy going and loves everyone. She cleans and plays with all the other ragdolls in the house and is hands down the life of the party. We all are loving her nature and the wonderful addition she has become to our cattery.

Carrying Chocolate


Maine coon blue eyes
Cinnamon solid


Our beautiful Blue Mitted Sepia girl born and raised here at RiteMeow ragdolls. She is the daughter of Coco and Beau.

Willow has all the purrfect qualities of our extremely affectionate, super floppy kittens.


Carrying cinnamon and is dilute


KORA... On the left is our super cute fawn mitted solid girl born here from Godiva and Angus. We just had to keep this little miss marked girl as her personality is sooooo adorable and sweet, she is a purrfect addition.

Cinnamon and dilute


tested Negative

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